• AP Estrella Pattern™
  • AP Intercrossing Pattern™
  • AP Connectivity Pattern™
  • Creatively render minimalist or intricate patterns and textures onto the surfaces of glass and mirrors exploring various finishes, textures and colours.

    AP’s range of decorative glass and mirror solutions marries innovative and traditional processing techniques for the creation of bespoke interior design elements and installations.

  • AP Modern Patterns

    AP’s new range of modern patterns is now available.

    AP patterns creatively ornate glass and mirror surfaces illustrating the full creative potential of our range of techniques.

  • Your bespoke patterns

    Whether totally new, reflecting an architectural feature in your project, or simply re-using a pattern from another element such as a carpet or upholstery, those techniques can render virtually any bespoke deigns onto glass and mirror surfaces.

    Contact us now to render your own patterns.